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Web会員登録 Web Member Registration

  • お問い合わせ・カタログ請求が簡単、スピーディーにご利用いただけます。
  • カタログ・CAD図面データのダウンロードができます。
  • 新商品情報やお得な最新情報をメールにてお届けします。




Benefits of registering
  • Inquiries and catalog request are faster and simpler.
  • Access to catalog and CAD data downloads.
  • Regular emails providing information about new and the latest special deals.

Web Member Agreement

Read the terms carefully and if you consent to them, click the button at the bottom to indicate your agreement and register.

Article 1. Members
  1. A Member is a user of our website who has registered Personal Information and other information requested by us (hereinafter, the “Registration”) and whose Registration has been approved by us.
  2. Acknowledgment of and consent to the entirety of the Member Agreement and individual rules for services used (collectively referred to as the “Present Agreement”) is deemed to be constituted when a Member makes Registration of the information required for member services.
Article 2. Registration Information
  1. Members can make changes and additions to their own Registration information at any time.
  2. We will not alter the Registration information of a Member except in cases where so requested by said Member or a person determined by us to be treated correspondingly, and we approves said request. In cases where we determines Registration information to be publicly disclosed as inappropriate, we may ask that it be changed or may delete it.
Article 3. Services
  1. Access to catalogs and CAD data downloads
  2. Information relating to product and technical inquiries
  3. Information beneficial to customers such as new products and events

The abovementioned services may be subject to discontinuation or change at the discretion of us.

We and our Group Companies do not guarantee the accuracy of the abovementioned information.

Article 4. Suspension of Services

In addition to the case provided in the previous article, we will suspend services to a Member in the below cases within the possible and reasonable time period for service operations:

  1. If a member carries out the prescribed procedure to withdraw from membership or requests by some other method that we suspend use of services.
  2. If a person determined by us to be treated correspondingly to a Member makes a request and we approves said request.
Article 5. Responsibility of Members
  1. Members must use the services at the Member’s own volition and responsibility.
  2. The Member guarantees that the Member’s Registration information is truthful and accurate, and will promptly update that information at the Member’s own responsibility as needed to ensure that the information is always up to date.
  3. The Member bears responsibility for information the Member registers, and we bears no responsibility for that Member for content (hereinafter referring to information, data, documents, software, music, photographs, images, videos, messages, text and the like) composed on the basis of the Registration information of the Member. Furthermore, we do not manage said content.
  4. The Member will manage his or her password at his or her own responsibility. We recommend that Members periodically change their password. We do not allow passwords to be rented, transferred or shared with any third party who is not a Member. Exhibiting Members having made a Registration as a company will limit, at his or her own responsibility, use of the services to registered Members except in cases where shared within the same company. We bear no responsibility whatsoever for losses occurring due to the use, theft, renting, transfer or sharing of a password.
Article 6. Personal Information

The purposes of collecting Personal Information are provided in the Present Agreement and the Privacy Policy.

Article 7. Providing Registration Information to Third Parties
  1. Registration information may be provided to a third party (hereinafter the “Third Party”) to provide Member services for us. For further information, refer to the Privacy Policy.
  2. The Third Party will rigorously manage said Personal Information with the care of a good manager, will take the measures necessary to ensure the proper management of said Personal Information, and will not allow use thereof by a third party, or disclose, divulge, misplace or alter (hereinafter referred to as “Divulgence and the Like”) said Personal Information. We will cooperate with an investigation if it is determined that there is a problem in the management of the Personal Information. In the unlikely event that an incident occurs in which Divulgence or the Like has occurred to information being managed by said Third Party, that incident will be resolved at the responsibility of the Third Party. If damages (including attorney expenses) are incurred due to said incident, the Third Party causing that incident will immediately compensate us for those damages. Furthermore, the Third Party causing the incident of Divulgence or the Like will comply with a request of us to promptly return to our all information received therefrom, or to dispose or erase said information.
  3. We provide the Personal Information of Members for the purposes mentioned in the Privacy Policy. Before the Third Party may use information provided by us for another purpose, permission must be obtained from the relevant Members (excluding cases such as when there has been a response to a questionnaire concerning that matter). Personal Information provided by We will not be provided to other third parties regardless of the method of distribution, transfer, sale, etc.
  4. For some services, matters relating to the use of our services may be publicly disclosed in a form such that no individual can be identified therewith.
  5. If we entrusts work required to provide its services to another party, all or a part of the Personal Information may be entrusted to that party.。